10:30am at Swansea Town Hall
95 Lavinia Ave, Toronto


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As a Church we are committed to the absolute authority and accuracy of the Bible in its instructions for helping people to cross the line of faith and live righteous lives. We are also wholeheartedly committed to pursuing and experiencing (not merely believing in) the presence and power of the Holy Spirit today, eagerly desiring spiritual gifts and especially prophecy, taking the book of Acts as a vision of what church life can be rather than a record of what it once was.
As a church we are committed to the call to be a people who make followers of Jesus in our neighbourhoods and across the nations.
Jesus calls us to see our city the way he sees it; To be In the City, engaged with the city, loving the city and being totally for the city and all its people.
As we commit to this we are further compelled to join God in making followers of Jesus through local and global mission.
As a Church we are committed to the Biblical demonstration of love and respect between the races, cultures and sexes. As Christians living in perhaps the most ethnic and culturally diverse City in the world, we believe that authentic relationship, community, diversity and unity are foundational to healthy church life.




I’m a husband to Melanie and father to 3 great kids. I’m originally from the state of Texas but have called Canada home for 12 years now. Before planting into Toronto I lead Anchor Point Church in Alliston Ontario.


I’ve lived in and traveled to many major cities around the world, but there is something about Toronto that has captured my heart. The influence, diversity and culture in this great city has made its way to the world stage. I’m so excited to be apart of a church plant in this city that has the opportunity to bring the gospel of hope in Jesus to the neighbourhoods of Toronto and and to the nations.


During the week you’ll usually find me working in my wood shop, rock climbing at Boulderz, coaching little baseball or having a pint at Indie Ale House.


My wife and I have recently started  side business called Burgeon, where we make and sell wood and ceramic products.


Family: I am married to One wife, Taryn-Lee Dube and we have 4 amazing children. We answered the call from God and moved from Zimbabwe to Canada.


Toronto, how I see it: I love the city of Toronto with all of it’s rich diversity. I believe the diversity of life and culture creates a great opportunity for the message of God’s Grace to ring true for many.


My Interests: I love Bass fishing (actually it’s an addiction) My dream is to one day fish professionally and lead a church ☺ I have a passion for entrepreneurship. I am always exploring new business opportunities.


I am also a bit of an MOOC FREAK (Massive Open Online Course) Apart from studying theology, I am a champion of the MOOC model and the opportunities it offers for all. Some of my MOOC achievements include:
Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Business Management, Diploma in Social Media Marketing. I also have a Diploma in Sports Management and Marketing from Boston City Campus is South Africa.

We meet on Sundays between 10:30am and 12:30pm. At Swansea Town Hall (95 Lavinia Ave, Toronto). After a short welcome, we usually kick off with a time of singing songs of worship led by a band (or sometimes just a single musician). Following a short break for notices, we have some Bible teaching from one of the leaders of the church or a guest speaker. You’ll find that the style of worship is quite vibrant and informal, and people in the church contribute freely by reading from the Bible, praying, or bringing a word of encouragement. You are very free to stand, sit, kneel; to take part or to simply observe.
A Kids program is also provided during our teaching time.